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4D Designs is an innovative, global marine design consultancy headed by Steve Ford, offering world class designs for concept, development, marketing and production.


The comprehensive design service ranges from concept sketches to 3D CAD and 5-axis production tooling files.


All aspects of marine design are considered. We also offer renderings and animations for your marketing programs.


During the ten years before setting up 4D Designs, Steve was Head of Concept Design at Riviera Marine and Lead Designer for Belize Motor Yachts based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Prior to that, he was Senior Designer for Sunseeker in the UK for 10 years.


Born in the UK, Steve studied at Southampton University, gaining a solid foundation in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.  He went on to graduate from Coventry University with a BA (Hons) Transport Design in 1996.


He won a position with the Sunseeker design office after presenting a radical concept design for a 70-foot yacht that evolved into the Predator 75 in 1999 and became a template for future models. Some of the design features have been emulated by many other manufacturers across the global marine industry.


Steve developed a unique and dynamic style at Sunseeker, which was chosen by Paramount studios for James Bond films. Starting in 1999 'The World is not enough' where the Hawk 34 featured in a dramatic chase along the Thames in London. 2006 saw the iconic Predator 108 and XS200 chosen for 'Casino Royale'.  Later in 2008 the sexy Superhawk 43 was seen in 'Quantum of Solace'.


In 2007 Steve was invited to join Riviera, where his European styling complemented the robust Australian product. Here, Steve gained a deep understanding of production efficiency and development methods as the Belize and Riviera brands flourished. New and refreshing products such as the flagship 72 Sports Motor Yacht and the popular Sport Yacht range have won a series of international awards.


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